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The unusual flowers you can find in the garden or something, today I want to discuss about the Flower of Service. Sounds familiar to you all guys?

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Dental Clinic Ethic

Friday, December 31, 2010 19 comments
Dental Clinic Ethic

A large proportion of patients had health insurance plans. Although some insurance plans provided full dental coverage, most plans covered at least a portion of the treatment cost, requiring the patoents to pay the reminder. Generally, most practices would allow insurance companies time to pay,but the patients were required to make payment immediately, and the Chang Dental clinic was no different.

The prices charged for various treatments were relatively standard among different dentist. This was due to the fact the ontario association (ODA) put out a fee guide indicating the recommended price to charge for all ptential procedures. Although adherence to this fee guide was not regulated, the industry used it a a guideline, and most dentists followed it fairly closely. Currently, Chang followed the ODA fee guide closely, and Miller expected to do the same.

The recommended prices were reviewed by the ODA on an annual basis and adjusted as necessary.

The number of dentists practising was not specificially regulated either, although the limited number of positions in Dental School Programs in Ontario did serve to limit the number of practising dentist. Despite this fact, there was no shortage of dentist in Ontario.

In fact, in most communities, dentists readily accepted new patients so most people were able to find a dentist could located a practice, the industry tended to be self-regulated in this regard. Generally, if an area was already being fully serviced, a new practice would not open. A practice would open in a particular area only if there was a clear need for another dentist.

Chris Miller - Hit the Ground

Chris Miller - Hit the Ground Running
It was early 2006 and Chris Miller was contemplating an opportunity to purchase and operate his first dental clinic, the Chang Dental Clinic. Miller had been working as an associate since April 2003, and he believed it was time to run his own practice. Located in Petrolia, Ontario, Canada, the Chang Dental Clinic would provide Miller with an opportunity to hit the ground running in his own dental practice.

Taking over an established practice meant miller woouls not have to attract new patients, hire staff, purchase all the needed equipment, or do a wariety of other tasks needed to start a new practice. through discussions with stanley chang, the current owner of the Chang Dental Clinic, miller believed that chang's practice could be a proper fit, but miller still wanted to perform a thorough analysis of the chang dental clinic to ensure this was a good decision.

miller knew he could find $190,000 for this invesment through personl savings and loans from friends and family, but with a purchase price of $510,000, he would need more funding. since miller had no interest in taking on partners, this additional financing would have to come from a bank. miller had little past experience negotiating bank financing, so he wanted to assess the likelihood of obtaining the loan.

The dental industry in Ontario, there was a universal health-care system, meaning that a large number of medical treatment and procedures were paid for by the government and not the patient as long as the patient was aresident of the province of Ontario. The dental industry, on the other hand, did not operate in the same manner. Dental treatments and procedures, for the most part, were not covered by the government so patients paid for their dental work.

Productive Year In Indonesia

Monday, December 27, 2010 14 comments
Year-ender - Productive Year In Indonesia (marty-natalegawa)Year-ender: Productive Year In Indonesia- Palestine Ties

Since the signing of several Memorandums of Understanding (MoUs) by Indonesia and Palestine on concrete cooperation in October 2007, a number of training programs have been organized for Palestinians in Indonesia.

Indonesia, as a staunch supporter of the Palestine people`s struggle , has been translating its support into action by trying to train Palestinians in various sectors as part of its capacity building assistance.

"As preparations for a Palestinian state, Palestine needs to learn how to build institutions, and the most important part in this case is preparing human resources," Palestinian Ambassador to Indonesia Fariz Mehdawi said in an interview with ANTARA here recently.

In its capacity as co-chair of NAASP ( New Asian African Strategic Partnership) with South Africa, Indonesia has also coordinated capacity building programs with other ASEAN and African countries such as Singapore, Thailand, the Philippines, Turkey , South Korea , Morocco , Algeria, and Nigeria.

Short and medium training courses have been attended by Palestinians among other things on diplomacy, small and medium scale enterprises (SMEs), tourism, industry, education, women`s empowerment, and fire brigade in Indonesia.

Around 2,000 Palestinians were trained in some Asian states, including around 200 Palestinians in Indonesia so far. Besides, 10 Palestinians are currently attending their postgraduate studies at several Indonesian universities under scholarship programs from the Ministry of Education, and other institutions such as Muhammadiyah and NU, which have pledged to offer more scholarships in their academic facilities.

Politically, Indonesia has been very active in voicing Palestine`s interests in international meetings, and both officials have frequently exchanged visits. Twelve Indonesian civilian activists had joined the humanitarian aid carrying ship Mavi Marmara last May 31, in which nine volunteers were shot dead and tens of others injured, including two Indonesians, by Israeli soldiers. The volunteers had attempted to break the Israeli blockade which has made Gaza the biggest prison on Earth.

Amid the global outrage following the Israeli attack on the Mavi Marmara of the Gaza-bound Freedom Flotilla, the Indonesian government called for redoubled efforts to end the Israeli occupation of Palestine.

Redoubled efforts were necessary to ensure that "we speak with one voice in demanding that Israel, immediately and without delay, lift its illegal blockade of the Gaza Strip, its occupation of Palestine, which has caused a deep humanitarian crisis," Indonesian Foreign Affairs Minister Marty Natalegawa said in his speech at the expanded extraordinary meeting of the Organization of the Islamic Conference (OIC) Executive Committee in Jidda on June 6, 2010.

Following the Israeli assault on the flotilla, anti-Israel demonstrations condemning the attack were staged in a number of Indonesian cities like Jakarta, Bogor, and Samarinda (East Kalimantan). Indonesia fully supports the report of a UN-sanctioned independent fact-finding mission condemning the interception of a humanitarian aid flotilla for Gaza by Israel a few months ago.

One of the conclusions of the report was that the interception of the flotilla by Israel had been unlawful and the use of force by Israeli soldiers had been "unnecessary, disproportionate and excessive." Indonesia also planned to build a hospital in Gaza. "We will build a hospital in Gaza worth Rp20 billion in the hope it will increase public health facilities in Gaza," President Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono said at the Merdeka Palace, last May 29, when speaking at a joint press conference after meeting with visiting President Mahmoud Abbas.

A staunch supporter of Palestine, Indonesia was also ready to give any kind of humanitarian aid needed by Palestine and to continue to contribute to the development of capacity for the establishment of a free Palestinian state as it had been doing so far through a forum of Asian-African countries, Yudhoyono said.

To follow up the plan, an Indonesian delegation consisting of among others House Speaker Marzuki Alie, a number of Indonesian members of parliament (DPR), and Coordinating Minister for People`s Welfare Agung Laksono visited Gaza on June 30. Dr. Joserizal Jurnalis, a MER-C (Medical Emergency Rescue Committee) presidium member who had visited Palestine several times to give emergency medical treatments to victims of Israeli atrocities, said some Rp15 billion has been collected from the Indonesian people to help finance the hospital.

Indonesia had earlier sent a number of ambulances, medical equipment and medicines for Gaza civilians. "Dhompet Dhuafa" (DD) national charity institution has announced its plan to build artesian wells and clean water installations for the Gazans to get clean water.

"Now the people of Gaza are suffering under the pressure of Israel. Their clean water supply comes from Israel," DD Program Director Arifin Purwakananta said in Jakarta early June. "Gaza residents are in constant fear that their clean water supply will be stopped any time by Israel or be poisoned", he said.

As for the formal bilateral ties, Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas had made two state visits to Indonesia within the last 3 years, first in October 2007 and the second was in May 2010. Indonesian Red Cross (PMI) Chairman Jusuf Kalla (JK), former Indonesian vice president, attended the Sixth Partnership Meeting of the Palestine Red Crescent Society (PRCS) in Bireh, Ramallah, last October 2010.

When Palestinian Foreign Affairs Minister Riyad Al-Malki attended the 3rd Bali Democracy Forum in Nusa Dua (Bali Island), in early December 2010, he conveyed an invitation to his Indonesian counterpart, Minister Marty Natalegawa. "We are looking forward to Foreign Affairs Minister Marty Natalegawa`s visit in Ramallah," the ambassador, who also attended the Forum, said. Palestinian Prime Minister Salam Fayyad is expected to visit Jakarta next year to discuss closer relations with Indonesia.

Ambassador Mehdawi expressed his appreciation that both the Indonesian government and parliament consider Palestine an important issue in the country`s agenda. Indonesia`s House of Representatives (DPR) had even established Palestine Caucus.

The envoy does not only want to see closer relations between Indonesia and Palestine, but also with the whole Arab world. "Arab ambassadors are working together to boost the relations
between Indonesia and Arab nations, opening an Arab League office in Jakarta, like the ones in New Delhi and Beijing will be a very positive step," he said.

On the sidelines of the 65th UN General Assembly last September 2010, Indonesian Foreign Affairs Minister Marty Natalegawa initiated a meeting of four foreign ministers to form a Forum of Four in support of efforts to end the prorated Palestine-Israel conflict and to establish an independent and sovereign Palestinian state.

The forum is made up of foreign ministers from India, Brazil, South Africa and Indonesia which are all known as leading developing countries. So far, Indonesia had extended its support to the Palestinian people through bilateral ties, the Asia-Africa forum and the United Nations, Minister Marty said in New York last September. The initiative was also a response to the expectation made by Palestinian President Mahmud Abbas at a meeting with President Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono in Jakarta last May.

On the occasion, he also said that Indonesia was disappointed with Israel for not extending the moratorium on settlement building on the West Bank Marty said the Forum of Four Developing Countries - Indonesia, Brazil, India and South Africa, would determine further steps to support Palestine and secure the peace process "From Israel`s irresponsible attitude." Ambassador Fariz Mehdawi strongly hailed the Forum of Four efforts as he emphasized the need to involve more players in the Palestinian peace process. "We need more honest and genuine players," he said.

"So far, 105 countries have recognized Palestine, and we are looking forward to see more countries to recognize our Independent State of Palestine," he said, adding that Bolivia and Ecuador recently joined Brazil and Argentine in recognizing Palestine. "The Palestinian state is coming. It`s just a matter of time, it is not if but when," Mehdawi said.

Indonesia Unite

Saturday, December 25, 2010 8 comments
Merliza Indonesia Unite
We are thee new generation, the rightful heir of the Nation and the Republic of Indonesia. We are a new generation who refuse to live and grow up with fear. We choose to be brave.

We are thee new generation who believe that violence will only give birth every new violence. Therefore, we will attempt to break the chains of violence through humanitarian work wherever we are.

We are thee new generation, who uphold the principles of democracy, humanity, equality and mutual respect. Therefore, we reject all forms of discrimination. We are thee new generation who will build a nation and a dignified and honorable nation, able to unite Indonesia, protect individual rights, standing on top of all classes, and glorify human beings become subjects.

Going Home

Merliza Going Home

After the undergoing education in the end I could be wrong here, and I will comeback later on. I am going back to Indonesia in the near future. Back with something that I find here, hopefully added to the character I created better and more mature. Amien.

There you go... Now a days, i am excited, and why is that? Okey, my mother gotta plan here. God willing, my mother departed from Jakarta next week. We plan to going to Europe, just there are things that still make excited that his visa application. Hopefully got it. Last week, I was really busy, i got a lot of affairs that suddenly have to be done. Bit-by bit I wrapped it up. And hopefully tomorrow everything can be settled before I left for Manchester. Iam going to Manchester for just one single day.

And one more thing that makes a bit lazy actually, I was asked to move to another room in the same place. Well that's a bit awkward to me. My first room was so comfortable from the beginning I come here until now. It's a really nice rooms. However... the next few days I should move from there :(

The Three Musketeers

Merliza The Three Musketeers

I am sure that you know so much about The Three Musketeers, the story of three knights guard the throne of France in the Middle Ages. Long before the story is legendary in mainland Europe, Mustafa SAW has warned his people to turn the three knights who keep half of the Caliphate humanity respectively.

Known as the third patience, you will fight lust. If you look up and contemplate the threat of God as immoral door open for you, that's the patience of the highest kind. If you avoid immoral because the scared with the punishment of God, that patience is key among the highest patience. You reject the immoral because the love of God, that's full of patience that you can do.

Know yourselves, patiently faced the disaster that it was easier than patience in undergoing obedience. Patience in obedience to undergo more easily than the patient to avoid immoral.

Logically, if you only hold a day of fever can not, how you will sustain fardhu prayer? If you pray five times just no power, how are you able to resist persuasion-persuasion demons that could come at any time?


Friday, December 24, 2010 7 comments
Merliza in Brownies

Melt the dark cooking chocolate and margarine. Beat eggs and sugar until dissolved. Enter the flour and baking powder that are sifted and mix evenly. Add the melted chocolate and margarine, stirring evenly. Pour in a pan of brownies that the margarine covered with paper.

Set aside. Heat the first steam after boiling and then enter a pan of brownies, and... before closing, put the walnuts which are sliced thin with Teflon (low heat) to appear brownish.

Merliza Brownies

Steam for 30 minutes over low heat. Lift out of pan, then split with a sharp knife which so do not be destroyed, lift the top, then fill the center with chocolate or dark cooking chocolate meses who already grated (just a little and evenly) and then re-united with parts of steamed brownies. Wait a cold and ready to serve.

Mobilising Skills Fund

Friday, December 17, 2010 15 comments
Promote Understanding Funds

In Indonesian-English dictionary, raising the Fundraising and people who raise funds called Fundraiser.

In Big Indonesian Dictionary, raising closer to the meaning the collection, which means the process; way deeds, gather, and direction. While the fund is a sum of money provided for a purpose; cost; gifts, and generous.

A. Basic Principles Mobilising Funds

A study conducted by a large charitable organization asking the people who do not give contributions of the main reasons for giving donations. The answer is simple: "they (the organization fundraiser / foundations) have never asked for them to contribute".

The purpose of raising money is obtained, but often forgotten that a plea for people to act in something, a request that people donate is a very important part of the appeal submitted.

Principles, Urgency and Mobilising Skills Fund (Fundraising)

Here are some basic principles of fundraising:

1. Should ask

Asked the best way is through a Personal Approach. Usually the more you make a personal approach to the more effective your efforts.

Asked for time to meet face is better than ... .. Giving exposure in a meeting at a group of people, but this is better than ... .. Wrote a personal letter to someone, but this is better than ... .... Send a circular letter to many people ....

2. Understanding Donors viewpoint

In the donors themselves could be some feelings and thoughts when he decided to give a donation. A fundraiser must understand this process.

Generosity as a sense of social solidarity, a gift with no strings attached, without the desire to get rewards. Fundraiser also need to understand that the donor may have personal reasons that he is able to contribute and share his luck on that donor's interests. When he gave that means he also supports areas of focus, he did something because he thought to do something and he really wanted to do something.

3. Mobilising Funds Means Dealing with People

People give donations to help others or do something in order to realize a better world. Donor don't know how to give. One problem is that donors do not know what to give how much. But on the other hand they also may not give too little, so as not to mistaken for miserliness.

4. Said thanks or supplication

Saying thank you is very important. Saying thank you is to appreciate and recognize the generosity of donors.

Saying thank you is also an act of self-interest in the good sense, the donor becomes warmer about your organization and perhaps another member donations.

5. The involvement and sincerity to do for the long term

To achieve this means you have to invite donors to get involved in organized activities and truly help the organization reach the goal.

6. Responsible and report

Responsible and report when you get money from someone or you have a responsibility to:

- Ensuring that the money was spent on pre-determined objectives.
- Ensuring that the money is spent well and truly achieve real results.

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A to Z

Thursday, December 16, 2010 18 comments

Dou you know...

I always panic stricken every time the thought of only with you I can talk long about ordinary things. Maybe because often I was considered weird or even crazy, but I just see everything with more slowly and look for a special part of all that simple.

Once upon a time...

An mute missing from the necklace of small pet and I searched all over the room to make use of a magnifying glass . Found it an hour later in the middle of a dark-haired carpet, I was relieved black mute It looked and still shiny. Then I began to frequently use a magnifying glass it anywhere, not just to look for mute but to see the world.

And secretly hoping someone saw me in the same way. Repeatedly disappointed, of course. The higher the expectations that are too painful. But then so what, no longer trying? Silence is no longer looking for? No, the tears always managed to stop and I always walk again.

And we come face to face, on a page that seemed perfectly normal. The first five minutes you frown at me, like me wince to see you. Then I pulled out my magnifying glass.

Slowly I was no longer wrinkled forehead. Magnifying glass to your face and I see you smile gently, forehead you no longer wrinkled. Magnifying glass to your hand and I understand that smile for anything. Your fingers are holding a magnifying glass as well. Seeing the usual muted so special because it can not be seen anytime.


Friday, August 6, 2010 14 comments

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........... ........ ...

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Insomnia make you FOOL

Thursday, June 3, 2010 13 comments

I have many friends who have such thing.. insomnia.. somehow? may be subject to hypnotic song titled Insomnia by Craig David perhaps?

I just want to give a little info about the article I read in one great magazine..

The following quote from that article:

"Research suggests that primary insomnia may reduce the brain's ability to make decisions or compromise." Is not it very dangerous if you have a career?

Further, the article says so...

"In addition, also found the fact that unlicensed lack of sleep allows the occurrence of physical and psychiatric disorders. Reduced ability of the brain in making decisions can lead to weakened immune system and eventually make you easy to get affected by the disease"???

Still want to live with a healthy life isn't it? So soon get the healthy live and do not always get sick.

Never ever underestimate the good sleep insomnia and the rest!

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Monday, February 15, 2010 15 comments


I do not understand ... also do not understand ...
but they certainly can make love laughter and tears came and went ....
Sometimes simultaneously ...
sometimes sweet like chocolate ...
sometimes bitter as black coffee ...
acid sometimes like the smell of sweat ...

for some reason, every human being must surely need the same love ...
because there is no life in this world without love ....

God created Adam out of love ...
Lord made Eve to be with Adam in paradise and the world for love ....

Enjoy and love to light up your loved ones, love, love ...
for the person you hate ...
love them all...



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