Service in every product must have had a flower whose name service, for what..? To make it more beautiful and enhance the services you offer and give to consumers as a form of promise and should be run in accordance with what has been promised that, if you do not, then you will not service business will run smoothly.

The unusual flowers you can find in the garden or something, today I want to discuss about the Flower of Service. Sounds familiar to you all guys?

Affiliate marketing is one of the most powerful marketing tools available. Any online business should consider starting its own affiliate program. If you offer a fine product, and support to your affiliates, you will find success.

All images in this template is used without any commercial purpose. Take advantage of all the internet has to offer, and your profits will rise [...]


6 Tips For Getting Twitter Followers

Sunday, March 27, 2011 11 comments
Although I may not be the King of Twitter-land, I have just begun spreading my chaos worldwide. I have researched Twitter and the top "Tweeters", and decided to create a short but useful list for new Twitter users on how to improve their follower numbers. Let's get started with 6 basic tips!

As they say "content is king", and for Twitter this applies as well. Even though you are limited to a few words, try to keep your tweets catchy and original so that it attracts users. By just tweeting "I am going to sleep" or "Hey I am on Twitter!" you won't get much attention because is boring. Provide your followers with information they can use, helpful tips, catchy sayings, or interesting facts. Try to seem excited so that your followers will feel the same.

Share your personality with your followers. Whether you are funny or cocky, you want to share that personality with others so that it gives you a distinct presence. You want others to get a feel of what you are really like. By doing this, your followers will feel more of a connection with you and not just feel like they are reading a news article. Also be sure to fill in your bio information on your profile. Keep it short and informative so that others know who you are.

Retweet! This is a great way to catch some new followers. Encourage others to retweet your links or articles so that it spreads around quickly. You can also retweet popular posts from other members, but try to keep them relevant to your profile. Keep in mind that retweeting constantly and not providing followers with your own material, will lose you those fans. Why follow someone who just retweets everything I have already read from the original source? Don't try to copy another member by reposting their Tweets as your own. Be sure to give them credit.

Use hashtags. These are great for getting your tweets into the search results on the website. It provides members to find your tweets based on keywords you provide. Example, lets say I post "I just finished playing #Mario on my #NintendoWii". #Mario and #NintendoWii would be considered my "hashtags". So if someone searched #Mario or #NintendoWii, my tweet would be in the search results. Great exposure if you use hashtags that are hot at the moment. Just add a # symbol before the word you want as a hashtag. Easy to do and effective. To find the hottest hashtags updated live, visit

Follow other members. If you are just looking to increase the number of followers and do not really care if they all listen to you, this is a good way to do it. If you search and browse through members, follow as many as possible. At least half will follow you back. This may not apply to celebrities and big name companies since it seems they do not follow many people.

Share your Twitter profile around the world! Be sure to include links to your Twitter profile in forum signatures, comments on other websites, Digg, FaceBook, and every other social place you visit on the web. This will help spread your Twitter profile while providing information to others.

So.. what are you waiting for.. just follow me :p here!

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Saturday, March 26, 2011 20 comments

in solitude
never imagined before
would you beside me?

is there any hope
that you make something
just like.. take me to your soul

is there any created body
become my mine?
you really made me stunned

How can Yahoo help in online business?

Wednesday, March 23, 2011 21 comments
Yahoo help in online business
Some people must have heard of e-commerce but do not know how it work, and how they can profit from it. So many people have been using yahoo mail service for a long time, and yet do not know that Yahoo can help them on online small business.

What is e-commerce? E-commerce simply means marketing through the internet. It facilitates business around the world and lessen burden for business men. A business man makes order while sitting in his house with his computer system connected to the internet. He specifies the type of product he want and the quantities to be purchase. He makes payment through the internet and the goods is shipped or moved to his door step on a secure delivery.

For e-commerce to take place there must be online store. Some good examples of online store are Amazon and eBay store online. You may have heard or come across Yahoo! Small business. Many people know very well that yahoo is one of the internet giant and has been providing free email services for a long time to so many people that cannot afford their own mail domain. Yahoo! small business is an avenue created by yahoo to help business men to setup and grow a successful store online for ecommerce or internet marketing.

Yahoo! small business has all the features and mechanism for business men to run online store without stress.

The features are as follows:
  1. Professional Design tools– This Yahoo web application  helps to create, customize an online store and as well add products to the store easily 
  2. Payment processing– This enable store owner to accept credit, debit checks and money orders at any transaction 
  3. Order fulfillments–This help to easily process and ship online orders through FedEx USA Postal service or USP couriers service 
  4. Marketing– This help drive traffic to online store using marketing tools like coupons, marketing emails and as well discounted listing on some shopping websites 
  5. Tracking– This is to help measure online store success and provides extensive reports and analytics

With all the enumerate feature above, you will agree with me that Yahoo has all it take for successful e-commerce or internet marketing. You can go to Emmabod for a tour to understand how this Yahoo! Small business works.

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Instructional Objectives in HRM

Sunday, March 13, 2011 16 comments
Instructional Objectives in HRM
Although it is not set forth in this post, Training and Development activities conducted by MS Pratama Indonesia has a clear purpose and have been communicated to the employees. You can see these:

• Employees have the knowledge of the company, product and production process as a whole things fine.
• Employees have knowledge of their duties and to carry out their duties properly (e.g. able to operate the equipment according to its function).
• Employees can make improvement to scrap that happens can be removed.

Trainee Readiness and Motivation
Trainee Readiness

For regular training, there's no analysis about the readiness of employees to trained, but for special training that require large costs (eg. overseas training) the companies select employees who have the best job performance to run the training.


Employee do any sort of motivation to get the training to fix the problems that often arise in the company, this is illustrated by the number of employees who did not attend the training class. The case is especially so in the absence of regular training, with the average number of absences of 3% to 5%.

After doing extracting all information from the employees who missed the training, it is known that the reason they did not attend just because they have to pursue the production target, so they prefer not coming to the training compared to the expense of production targets to be achieved. For this problem the company as a policy making, involved the training employees, was released from the production target.

Principles of Learning

Goal Setting

In order to increase interest and motivation of the trainees, a trainer should be able to explain the purpose of holding this training or arranged for the trainees to determine the goals they want to achieve after participating in the training process. In this case, MS Pratama Indonesia ultimate objective of the holding of such training is to enhance the ability of employees in their respective working areas, this goal is also communicated to the employees at the beginning of training.

Meaningful of Presentation

To facilitate the trainees in receiving and understanding the material taught by the trainers, the trainers must be able to explain the material with an easily understandable explanation and also by examples that are familiar to trainees as well as to present a quite interesting presentation. In this case, MS Pratama Indonesia has given an interesting presentation materials, so that the materials provided will be easily accepted and understood by the trainees, but unfortunately the renewal period of training materials are not scheduled regularly so that when the training was repeated the following year has the potential to make the trainees become bored .


A training material will be more easily understood by the participants if accompanied by practical training. In fact, the trainer who is on the MS Pratama practice or cite the material presented, followed by direct practice by employees, in accordance with taught by his coach during OJT. This is very useful for the trainees to be easy to comprehend and understand the material taught by the trainers.

Active Practice and Repetition

The employees of MS Pratama is expected to practice and always apply the outcomes obtained training materials into their work. In addition, the employer also provides an example later to supervise the subordinates (the participants) during OJT lasts.

Whole Versus Part Learning

In this case MS Pratama take part learning method in which the material will be taught are divided into several units which are taught in several stages of training so that participants would more easily understand the material taught by the trainers.

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Indonesian Human Resource Management

Saturday, March 5, 2011 51 comments
Indonesian Human Resource Management
Training and Development

Undeniably, human resources (HR) is an important factor in a company, HR is the driving force companies to run and achieve its objectives. As good as any that have been designed in strategic plan in human resources management courses in vancouver all about, the successful execution of strategic plans in Jakarta, Indonesia are returned depends on how employees perform their duties, so in other words the success or failure of a company depends on the ability of human resources at their disposal.

Given the importance of human resources, companies should carefully plan any activities in human resource management (HRM), ranging from recruitment to payroll, including the planning of training and development (T & D) for employees.

In the era of globalization, what is happening today makes any kind of competition more stringent, in order to continue all competing companies must improve the capability and quality owned by its employees, one with T & D planning program is needed and in accordance with company objectives.

Based on the exposure above, it can be seen to that T & D has an important role to help companies improve corporate performance in order to compete. Error in T & D planning in the company will have an impact on the company's overall poor performance.

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Wednesday, March 2, 2011 46 comments

lovely memories of us
love that blossomed between us
was so peaceful, so calm and so sweet

why.. suddenly it's all disappeared
why.. suddenly it's all disappeared

leave before me

i want you who's among us
ever created memories
that will never be tarnished
by other hopes

i want the memories stored
deep in your mind