Service in every product must have had a flower whose name service, for what..? To make it more beautiful and enhance the services you offer and give to consumers as a form of promise and should be run in accordance with what has been promised that, if you do not, then you will not service business will run smoothly.

The unusual flowers you can find in the garden or something, today I want to discuss about the Flower of Service. Sounds familiar to you all guys?

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Wednesday, November 25, 2009 2 comments

Delicious!!! ehmmmm...slurp....

It was a nice and quiet and make it very delicious

I can feel the grandeur and enormity of a Moccachino...


My Prayer

Wednesday, November 11, 2009 2 comments

Ya Allah...

Give me PEACE to deal with the things that I can't change.

Ya Allah...

Give me COURAGE for nothing I can change
in my life.

Ya Allah...

Give me WISDOM to decide the best in the heart
and my mind to go through this life.

Ya Allah...

Give me PATIENCE to accept all that you give...
Amin YA RABB...

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Be Happy Now

Merliza Be Happy Now

1. The word should not be the ruler of this world is


2. Word that's important and must get used in everyday life is


3. The word that makes the heart field


4. Words that build self

For you, how's that be so good?

5. Words that give awards to other people


6. Words that make love stay awake


have any kind of additional words?

Jerussalem 2


The police officer was just smiling at the question from the Travelers, then answered: "This traffic light is special, different from the others." The Travelers added curious about the answer to the police. Then ask, "SPECIAL how sir?"

"These lights will turn green if you see it with patience and sincerity", he explained.

Finally, the travelers try what is being taught by Mr. Police earlier. Long minutes he waited for the light was still red, the long hours did not change also the color of the light; red. For days he kept waiting for months until he was still waiting.

In the second year The wait, there's someone who wants to ride his car. Without the slightest sense of denial, he allows that person boarded his car. Not long after the passenger had entered his car, traffic lights at the intersection was changed to green. Finally, the travelers are able to resume his way towards Jerusalem. "

Hopefully they arrived safely and happily...

Thank you.


Thursday, November 5, 2009 7 comments

The story goes as follows:

Once upon a time there was a traveler was driving his car toward Jerusalem. were in the street lamp regulator (Traffic Light), the travelers stop the car because the red lights stop signs. After waiting for a few seconds, minutes, hours, even days, the street lamp regulator does not change color, still red!

Finally, travelers are turning to the left to avoid the red lights. but it turns out, he just finds a steep and rocky road. He plays behind his vehicle and find another way to avoid street lamp regulator, who was still red...

What he got from another road he'd try, just like the left before, only the rocky road still not finished rocky. Travelers returning to the Traffic Light and waiting to be GREEN color change so that he can continue his journey toward Jerusalem.

After patiently waiting for changes in color, he eventually got out of his vehicle and asked a policeman on duty there to ask about the lights that never change color.

"Excuse me sir, I want to ask, why not go the way regulators lights change color to green?" he asked the policeman on duty. The Mr. police is about what had been answered!

Any idea?