Service in every product must have had a flower whose name service, for what..? To make it more beautiful and enhance the services you offer and give to consumers as a form of promise and should be run in accordance with what has been promised that, if you do not, then you will not service business will run smoothly.

The unusual flowers you can find in the garden or something, today I want to discuss about the Flower of Service. Sounds familiar to you all guys?

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Positive Mindset

Wednesday, June 29, 2011 33 comments
In writing about the Law of Attraction (Legal Drag Interesting) we have been discussing about how much actual thought patterns and knitted our imaginations have a significant impact on the future of our life history.

Thus, if we are always capable of weaving a friendly mindset with positive energy - the energy of self-confidence, with a radiant optimism that is strong, and with the attitude that life is always full of flavor - then there are great opportunities that our true life will truly overwhelmed by a series of narratives of success.

Conversely, if the stretch of our lives always knitted blue by a negative mindset - about the dark shadow of failure, of not feeling confident, about the uncertainty of, and attitudes are always complaining and blaming the other party (without giving clear introspection) - then real life is probable that we really would be filled with melancholy elegy misfortune and sorrow.

That is why the wise Bestari give advice so that we can always open fire of the optimism in ourselves and also capable of caring for a positive mindset. Positive view of our future, see all the positive challenges, and positive in thought and imagination.

Because then is: injecting resources into the positive brain cells was not as easy as we make instant noodle stew. Often when faced with challenges that swelled or problems facing the hassle, our minds immediately shaken and thought: ah, I really could not do it... I may not be able to achieve my dreams aspire.. well, that is the twist of fate.

The Origin of the Chinese Zodiac

Sunday, June 26, 2011 51 comments
Since ancient times, people throughout the world have believed that the time of one's birth determined one's destiny. For centuries, people in the East have consulted philosophers and seers to determine an 'auspicious' day for such major events as engagements, wedding, burials, moving and business deals.

The Chinese Zodiac is so significant that some Asian women have even taken medication to delay the birth of a child so that the infant would be born on a more meaningful day, when the stars and planets are in better alignment.

Both Eastern and Western civilizations have developed methods by which your personality can be understood and defined in relation to animal attributes. In the West, your sign is based on the month in which you were born; the signs include the lion, the crab and even the dual personality of twins or the sign of Gemini. In the East, the symbol of your animal nature is predetermined by the year in which you were born; the signs include the Rat, the Ox, the Tiger and the Pig.

According to the Chinese Zodiac, the 'animal nature' that governs the year of your birth can help you figure out your own fundamental nature or why you act the way you do in certain situations. If you were born in the Rooster, you may be picky; and if you were born in the year of the Ox, chances are you may move at a slower pace than someone born in the years of the Monkey or the Dragon. These clues to your personality are very important in order to understand yourself and others in terms of compatibility both in love and in day-to-day interaction.

The relationship between the Chinese Zodiac and love is so strong that parents often consult an astrologer about prospective spouses for their children. If the family feels that a Rooster male is not well matched to their Rat daughter, they will call off the marriage. No matter how lovers come together, their signs will exert a powerful influence. The basic personality traits that are the product of our 'animal nature' can be used to evaluate who will make the best business partner, lover, and friend. That's what this book is all about.

Once you are aware of your qualities -both the good traits and those that need improving- you can work on developing your pleasant qualities while eliminating those that are less appealing. With the self-knowledge you gain from the Chinese Zodiac, you can mold your life to be richer and fuller so you can get exactly what you want, including the partner of your dreams.

By using the handy For Better or Worse synopses in each chapter, you will have a bird's-eye view of how you will interact with others. Certain signs naturally get along others are so-so combination requiring a little more work to make it a smooth ride. Some signs just don't mix well at all, which explains why some people 'rub you the wrong way'. As you review each of these pairings, you can see why some relationships are easy and others are filled with problems.

Finally, at the end of each chapter, you can read about a celebrity couple and see how their Chinese Zodiac works and how it can work for you.

When something get burned out

Friday, June 24, 2011 3 comments
There are several steps that must be considered by those affected by fire, began to isolate the areas that have not been exposed to fire to prioritize and save himself from the goods, especially because the goods are not comparable with the lives.

"Indeed we must know the initial rescue when fire broke out. And remember, life can not be replaced with anything even with a high rise building, "said the Rescue Squad and Fire Department Office of Combating South Jakarta Municipality Benjamin Jacob in Fire Rescue Training held by SME Online UIN Scouts when found on the sidelines of events posted on the Student Center.

Moreover, continued Benjamin, who also must be owned by the victim is the courage to be able to extinguish the fire. For him, though if there are home or building Lightweight Fire extinguishers (fire extinguisher) but did not dare use it, do not have the benefit of that fire extinguisher there.

"Do not hesitate to extinguish the fire in the early stages, because if these efforts fail the possibility of enlarging the fire could have happened," explained Benjamin.

Classification of types of fires based on articles 23 and 24 Regulation of DKI Jakarta No. 3, 1992, about the danger of fire prevention in Jakarta area, such as fires of ordinary combustible materials (wood, paper, and clothing) with extinguishers using water as a main ingredient. Meanwhile, if the electrical fire (shorted) by type of chemical and gas.

ICT as a Teaching and Learning Methods

Tuesday, June 21, 2011 25 comments
Hall Student Center, UIN JKT Online - Entering the third millennium tektonologi information and communication technology (ICT) is now experiencing growth and progress very rapidly. These developments appear particularly in the use of different physical media such as audiovisual, videotape which developed into interactive video, satellite, and internet.

"The world became flat now a day. As if the world changes along with changes in human life, "said linguistics professor Dr Alek Tarbiyah Faculty of Science and Teaching (FITK) in an international seminar entitled" Utilization of Information Communication Technology "in Indonesian Language Learning Education Programs held Indonesian Language and Literature in the Hall Student Center Saturday (5 / 12). The seminar was attended by a number of elementary school teachers, junior and senior high schools in Greater Jakarta area.

Alek explains, learning at the schools and universities that are now beginning to use ICTs at least have a purpose such as giving clarity of the material, conveying information, complete the tasks using computer-assisted quickly and automatically, and supplementary learning resources.

"But keep in mind about the suitability, as well as the effectiveness, efficient, and still provide the correct information in teaching and learning activities," he said. Furthermore Alek said, the definition of learning technology as proposed Technology Information in Association of America (ITAA), Association of Educational Communication Technology (AECT), namely the theory and practice of design, development, utilization, management, and evaluation of processes and learning resources.

"Theory is like covering the concept, construction, principles, and propositions that contribute to the torso of science," said Alek. While the practice, involving the application of science to overcome the problems faced. The same thing was also said Australia's Indonesian teachers Rebecca Battaglini. According to him, in Australia the students who learn to start using ICT. Rebecca Admittedly, learning to use ICT to facilitate students through the understanding material to students.

"By using ICT, also can be a trick to make the students not to be bored in the lessons we teach. So the material that we teach can understand, "said Rebecca teacher at Melrose High School, Canberra, Australia. Through ICT, continued Rebecca, students also can download the material that did not have. Also, all parents can find any kind of child development, the results were announced through ICT.

"Very many benefits when we as teachers, learning to use ICT. Knowing there is excess use of ICT as a means of power point, video, music, internet, and gaming, "said Rebecca who since seven years as a teaching Indonesian in Australia.

The most important element in achieving company goals

Saturday, June 11, 2011 17 comments
Labor is one important factor that must be considered by the company in order to achieve its objectives. Here sued the company's ability to manage resources in a planned, especially human resources as an executive power companies to generate power operational effectiveness and efficiency in all activities of the company. Thus the company not only to maintain profits, but also to maintain its existence in the business world.

Human Resource Management (HRM) is something that needs to be considered by the company. This is because humans are the most important element in achieving company goals. Company's success in achieving corporate objectives determined by the company in managing human resources is precisely one of them with a good training process.

The conduct of the training process is expected to produce human resources that have the potential to occupy various positions, positions and the right job in achieving company goals, due to various steps taken in the training process is basically one of the main tasks of the specialists who work in an organization that manages source human resources. It should be stressed that the training activities can not be based on human resource planning that must be met by people who want to work in an organization or company.

Besides the training of other things that need to be in a company is how the socialization of its employees into the corporate culture so that they can become productive and effective employee, immediately after entering and become a member of the social system in the company. The new employees are usually already have the skills and basic skills required. Not infrequently did the new employees have not received the full capability to carry out their job duties. Even the employees who have experienced any need to learn and adapt with the organization its people, the wisdom-wisdom and procedures.

If a company wants to have high competitiveness in the future, then one of the strategic effort that needs to be done is to create a continuous learning process at all levels of employees through training and development. There are two main objectives of training and staff development that is First, training and development undertaken to close the gap between the skills or the ability of employees with job demands. Second, these programs are expected to improve efficiency and effectiveness of employees in achieving work goals that have been determined.

"Training for employees is a process to teach knowledge and skills and attitudes for employees more skilled and able to carry out their responsibilities with the better, according to the standard. Training usually refers to the development of work skills that can be used immediately. While development is an effort to increase knowledge that may be used immediately or often for the sake of the future."

The term training and development refers to the total structure of programs inside and outside the work of employees who used company in developing the skills and knowledge, primarily for job performance.
According to Michael R. Carrel is translated by Tb. Sjafri Mangkuprawira argued that: "there are 7 (seven) main purpose of the training program and improve their performance, enhance employee skills, avoid obsolescence management, problem solving, new employee orientation, preparation and promotion of managerial success, and give satisfaction to the needs of personal development.

Therefore, after employees were selected and placed, the employee must be trained so that they can perform the task well and in the end training is useful to improve their productivity. Employee development through education and training benefits to both parties that employees and companies. Where the employee benefits are an increase in their ability or skill. While the overall benefits to increase company productivity. The problem of training a matter of considerable importance in improving labor productivity.

One was a company that is applying the ESQ Leadership training called Training of Trainers for employees who will become trainers ESQ. ToT is a required training for trainers ESQ to maintain continuity of quality training, update training materials standardization, improved marketing skills / independent training, and evaluation of target achievement. ToT aimed at keeping the 165 values ​​that have been embedded in the chest trainers and evaluate programs that have been implemented.

Based on the above explanation it can be said that training is needed by every employee who cultivate a particular field. Therefore, the writer is interested to lift the title "THE INFLUENCE OF TRAINING OF TRAINER (TOT) ON THE PRODUCTIVITY OF THE TRAINER ESQ in ESQ LEADERSHIP"

Highly Influential National Media

Executive Director of The Political Literacy Institute Gun Gun Heryanto MSI says the media's role now is very influential to the life of the Indonesian. Especially the media industry has a role to be able to give popular culture, especially television, to the community.

"Often.. we see on TV shows, like reality show, which indirectly can make others do something possible in making demands of the media," said Gun Gun in Public Discussion on Popular Culture Mass Media Concentration held BEM Journalism Faculty of Da'wah and Science Communications (Fidikom) in Fidikom theater.

According to Gun Gun, survive or absence of a medium is largely determined by the public itself. The media, advanced Gun Gun, can survive at least has the related elements such as the uniformity of shape, adaptability, and orientation of the media itself.

"It all depends from the public, whether still like impressions of the TV or not. Because the public can determine TV shows, in addition to any authority of the Indonesian Broadcasting Commission (KPI), "said Gun Gun who is also professor of political science Fidikom communication.

Uniformity in the form referred to, a human creation that became a trend eventually followed by many cheater. while adaptability, a popular culture easily enjoyed and adopted by the public. While the orientation of the media industry, referring to the needs of customer (public), which includes aspects of quality, competitive environment, societal expectations also depends on the level.

"Keep in mind, the mass media can also reconstruct the social to the public in understanding or view events there," said Gun Gun. Referred to social reconstruction, social process through action and interaction in which individuals continually create a reality that is owned and subjectively experienced together.

Meanwhile, Director of International Office UIN Prof Dr Andi Faisal Bakti acknowledge, the role of media in influencing public still recognized the changes that occur. According to Andi, the popular media influence to the public such as television, magazines, movies, and music.

Andi also deplore that the KPI have been "dismissed" Four Eyes impressions programs in Trans-7 some time ago. For Andi, such impressions can be detrimental to public information that should be accepted. "It may be that impressions were dismissed there is no benefit, both for science and entertainment," said Andi who is also professor of communication sciences Fidikom.

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Love Me

Tuesday, June 7, 2011 19 comments

this day was about a quarter running
i'm waiting for you in vain
of a lonely road
with no passing shadow

i'm just a lonely miserable figure
in the shadows
who need for love
i'm waiting for you that way

love me, 
love me 
love me

Where You At?

Saturday, June 4, 2011 12 comments
Anytime, anywhere, in any situation I've always asked: "Marry
Who, Marry Me? "Said to himself:" Yes, Insha Allah ", even when myself in the bathroom was he said: "Yes!" What is your understanding about this now changed? Melodrama? This
become sacred?

It is only fitting spoken with smoke plane attraction or the balloons in the air: "Marry Me!"? Oh Hollywood, do not
you influenced of thinking, my love! Could it be that dream?
A dream! A dream that does not clearly have their origin
managed to change one's mind to a thing
simple. S.I.M.P.L.E!

These are simple things: dreams. What is wrong with one or two people daydream? Wishing about their future. Whether two people are friends, the only promise he will come again to meet his friend with
say it over and over again, he will come later? Oh all the provisions already set, remember that the pen has destiny dry ink!

Do you not learn from the words themselves that it's all imagination! That we are only a daydream, trying to make it happen? Then where gone (wishful thinking) that this yourself:

A: I want to 'pick you up' 5 years from now.
B: what if 4 years, that's too old to 5 years.
(Talk about wishful thinking: in the first year)