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The unusual flowers you can find in the garden or something, today I want to discuss about the Flower of Service. Sounds familiar to you all guys?

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Insomnia make you FOOL

Thursday, June 3, 2010 13 comments

I have many friends who have such thing.. insomnia.. somehow? may be subject to hypnotic song titled Insomnia by Craig David perhaps?

I just want to give a little info about the article I read in one great magazine..

The following quote from that article:

"Research suggests that primary insomnia may reduce the brain's ability to make decisions or compromise." Is not it very dangerous if you have a career?

Further, the article says so...

"In addition, also found the fact that unlicensed lack of sleep allows the occurrence of physical and psychiatric disorders. Reduced ability of the brain in making decisions can lead to weakened immune system and eventually make you easy to get affected by the disease"???

Still want to live with a healthy life isn't it? So soon get the healthy live and do not always get sick.

Never ever underestimate the good sleep insomnia and the rest!

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